Big E comments on Roman Reigns

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Big E comments on Roman Reigns

The judgment on the character of Roman Reigns has always been characterized by ambivalent opinions. There is no doubt that the 'Tribal Chief' is one of the most illustrious names that WWE has 'built' in recent years, so much so that his influence has extended far beyond the narrow business of wrestling.

For quite a long time, however, fans have not welcomed the imposition of Reigns as the iconic face of the Stamford-based federation. The goal was for Roman to become a sort of heir of John Cena, now increasingly distant from the ring due to his commitments in Hollywood.

The decision to turn Reigns into a heel turned out to be one of the most successful in recent times, having allowed the former Shield member to fully express his talent. Not even the fight against leukemia prevented him from returning to the ring and beating the competition to the top.

Although Roman is currently the main star of the WWE, his friend Big E believes that he is not yet given proper credit. "I can say without hesitation that Roman Reigns is not given the credit he deserves for everything he has achieved in his career" - said Big E in an interview with News18.

Big E on Roman Reigns

“Maybe people don't realize his skills in the ring and on the microphone. He is an excellent professional wrestler, he knows how to do everything with great skill and has played many fantastic matches that have remained etched in everyone's memory.

He should get some respect for this resume. I saw him work really hard, he has an extraordinary charisma, in fact we knew from the beginning that he would become a champion," he added. Last week, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo criticized Vince McMahon for belating Reigns' potential.

“How long did it take to bring it to its current level? They have lost eight years of enormous earnings linked to his name,” he had ruled. The stipulation sounded too good to be true, but Roman Reigns shook Cena’s hand to make it official.

It seemed like something Reigns had done to Daniel Bryan not too long ago. On the April 30th episode of WWE SmackDown, Bryan fought Reigns in a championship vs. career match. Bryan failed to defeat The Tribal Chief, and has not been seen in WWE ever since.

The stakes were high and WWE could not afford to let go of its h*ttest superstar on SmackDown, even for John Cena's sake. The Tribal Chief has been one of the best things about the company since his return at SummerSlam 2020.