Bianca Belair talks about Sasha Banks' status

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Bianca Belair talks about Sasha Banks' status

SummerSlam has given us many surprises and not only with regard to the great return that appeared in the Main Event. Over the course of the long-awaited show, it was announced that Sasha Banks would not be taking to the event and would not be taking on the bitter rival, champion Bianca Belair.

Carmella made this announcement while seeming ready to challenge the champion when surprisingly the music resounded and after a long absence, she made none other than The Man Becky Lynch. Immediately the companion of Messiah Seth Rollins challenged Bianca Belair for the title, challenge accepted and after less than 30 seconds Becky won the match and took the title to the general amazement, given above all by the speed of the match.

At the end of the match, after SummerSlam, Bianca Belair made interesting statements to Denise Salcedo's microphones.

Bianca Belair opens up on Sasha Banks

The now-former SmackDown women's champion did not reveal the reason for Sasha Banks's non-participation but said she was sorry for not having played this long-awaited match.

Bianca Belair talked about Sasha's situation before returning to the match against Becky. Here are her words specifically: "All I can say is that I am sorry that there was no match against Sasha Banks tonight, but I believe that sooner or later she and I will be back in the ring.

At that point we will finish what we started, the last few weeks have been difficult for her and here at SummerSlam, I was ready to finally close with her. We will definitely finish what we started and only after that point will I finally be able to focus on Becky Lynch."

Returning to the Wrestlemania 36 Main Event and the big challenge with Sasha, Bianca Belair then continued: "In the last six months I think I've accomplished a lot, winning the Royal Rumble and doing the Wrestlemania Main Event with Sasha, we made history and won an ESPY.

I am grateful for all this and I just want to continue like this, I am really lucky for everything that has happened to me." They also added that Sasha Banks was not backstage at the Allegiant Stadium, the venue of last night's SummerSlam.

WWE kept Sasha Banks' absence a secret to the last minute only for Becky Lynch to make her grand return at SummerSlam led to speculation that all of this was a plan by WWE. However, Fightful Select is reporting that this was not the case, and Banks missing SummerSlam was not part of a storyline.