Big E speaks about John Cena

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Big E speaks about John Cena

Before making his main roster debut, Big E made a name for himself at NXT by becoming the second overall champion in the history of the 'Black and Gold' brand. When he debuted on Raw, he was still the NXT champion and he received a lot of praise from the WWE Universe.

In a recent interview with 'The Hindustan Times', the well-known New Day insider explained that working with big names like John Cena, Dolph Ziggler and AJ Lee on a weekly basis helped him immensely to grow both in and out of the world.

ring. Big E is remembered above all for the famous beating against the leader of the 'Cenation', who was then the symbolic face of the company, in an episode of Raw in 2012.

Big E talks about John Cena

"Debuting like that was without a doubt one of the best learning experiences I could have" - ​​admitted Big E.

“On the night of the Slammy, I was given the opportunity to close the show by knocking out John Cena. It is not something that happens every day and I have carried that memory with me in subsequent years. A segment like this has helped me set up my career and stabilize myself as one of the names to keep an eye on," he added.

Big E is not the only one who has always appreciated the modus operandi of the 16 times world champion. Charlotte Flair, who wrote a new page of history at SummerSlam, confided that she has always admired Cena's work ethic.

"I have never hidden that I want to become the John Cena of the company because no one works as hard as he does. In some ways, the challenge between him and Roman Reigns allowed SummerSlam to become a mini-WrestleMania.

John Cena has been the face of WWE for a long time, while Roman is gradually taking his place,” analyzed Ric's daughter. SummerSlam will also be remembered as the PPV of the great returns, those of Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, WWE's higher-ups are aware that beyond the MSG show, Cena is done with future appearances for the company because of his filming commitments. "We are told that Cena is done with future WWE appearances due to filming commitments.

Currently, Cena is only scheduled for the 9/10 Friday Night Smackdown taping at Madison Square Garden in New York City." Johnson added.