Nikki Bella argues against WWE on social media

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Nikki Bella argues against WWE on social media

Several days ago, Nikki Bella announced on social media that she was going to WWE SummerSlam but, apparently, she didn't make the trip. Not only that, because just in the hours in which the former partner (and missed husband) John Cena was facing Roman Reigns for the title of Universal Champion, her twin has launched an accusation against the WWE.

That is to say that she has received a real ban on attending the event live. But let's rewind the tape of what happened. On August 14th, Nikki Bella tweeted this message, also asking for advice from her numerous followers: “Hhmmm looking in my closet and deciding what to wear at SummerSlam next week ??? Thoughts? N" There has been talk for months of the return of the Bella Twins, so much so that Nikki and Brie have already made it known some time ago that they want to return to the ring and compete to attempt the assault on the Women's Tag Team Titles.

Nikki hasn't fought since 2018. All this, however, seems destined not to happen.

Nikki Bella argues against WWE on social media

In a recent post on Instagram, Nikki Bella explained to the web world that she was not allowed to go to SummerSlam for some reason.

A real indictment against the WWE, which was never mentioned directly. In her post, Nikki Bella wrote: "When you are not allowed to go to SummerSlam in Las Vegas... Lol." We actually don't know at the moment if Nikki Bella wasn't at SummerSlam due to WWE or if something that happened in her personal life prevented her from going.

She herself did not add further details on the affair. Meanwhile, WWE SummerSlam aired and featured a bunch of title changes and some surprises. Becky Lynch is back to take the SmackDown women's title to the detriment of Bianca Belair and Brock Lesnar is back to face universal champion Roman Reigns.

The latter had previously defeated John Cena, the former partner of Nikki Bella. That she didn't get to see this live. Nikki Bella's ex-fiancé, John Cena, headlined SummerSlam and was beaten by Roman Reigns following a nail-biting Universal title match.

Brock Lesnar returned after the championship showdown and confronted The Tribal Chief, who retreated and refrained from engaging in a brawl. However, the Beast Incarnate did taste some offensive action as he returned after SummerSlam went off the air to destroy a worn-out John Cena.

While Brock Lesnar ended SummerSlam on a high, Becky Lynch set the tone for the night by making her surprise comeback for an impromptu SmackDown Women's Championship match with Bianca Belair.