Asuka has shot down rumors about her absence

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Asuka has shot down rumors about her absence

In WWE in recent weeks it has not gone unnoticed that Asuka, one of the main stars of the female roster, was far from the WWE screens and her last appearance took place in the Pay Per View of Money in the Bank. In the course of one of his latest newsletters on the Wrestling Observer, the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer took stock of the situation and denied any rumors of injury.

Here are his words specifically: "For those who are asking and who are wondering anyway, well, Asuka is fine. She does not participate in the shows simply because she is not used at all, she was also present at the Tapings of the last episode of Monday Night Raw but she remained there doing nothing."

Asuka won the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match in 2020

Asuka won the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match in 2020 and received the RAW Women's Championship in place of the briefcase when Becky Lynch announced that she was pregnant.

She held the title for a few months before briefly dropping it to Sasha Banks during the summer. The Empress of Tomorrow regained the RAW Women's Title from The Legit Boss at SummerSlam 2020 and held it for 231 days, until WrestleMania 37, where she lost to Rhea Ripley.

The Empress of Tomorrow has now been absent for about a month but the Japanese-born wrestler wanted to totally deny the story of Meltzer who saw her present at the Raw Tapings but who even decided to leave because there was nothing she could do.

The former champion of the red show explained through social media that the reason was totally different from what had been explained in the report. Here is her response to a fan who asked for an explanation about her situation on Raw: "Nothing at all has been revealed, the truth is that what was said is false, everything they said about me in that information is totally unfounded.

Let's say that everything is different, I would like the media to provide information and not to provide false stories." Asuka was one of the wrestlers who, along with the likes of Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and Bayley, held the company during the pandemic period when difficulties were evident for all to see and their contribution was fundamental to WWE.

The Empress of Tomorrow called out the "fake story" regarding her absence from WWE television and said the reason behind it is "completely different" from the report. She tweeted this in response to a fan who had mentioned the report.