WWE changes Becky Lynch's character in a major way

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WWE changes Becky Lynch's character in a major way

In WWE's last paid event of its main roster, Summerslam, the company wanted to give numerous surprises to its fans, staging several title changes and different returns, in some situations even with the things that are match, such as the victory of the Smackdown champion title by the returning Becky Lynch.

Becky Lynch's last appearance was on Monday Night Raw's post-Money in the Bank night, in which the Irishman had to vacate the Raw Champion title, eventually giving the belt to Asuka, fresh case winner. the previous evening.

Amid the general clamor, Becky Lynch had revealed to the world that she was pregnant with her and from there until Summerslam last Saturday, she had not heard anything more about her on her return to the McMahon ring.

WWE changes Becky Lynch's character in a major way

The social media reaction to Bianca Belair vs.

Becky Lynch has been less about Lynch’s return and more about WWE’s unusual treatment of Belair. The general consensus among fans is that WWE “buried” Belair by booking her to lose her title in such a short match.

WWE has booked similar match finishes in the past, most notably in 2019 when Brock Lesnar won the WWE Championship from Kofi Kingston. On that occasion, Lesnar quickly hit an F-5 to end Kingston’s six-month title reign in a seven-second match.

After what happened in Summerslam, it seems that WWE has also changed its attitude to the beautiful orange-haired athlete of the company. As reported in the last few hours on the well-known website PW Insider, it seems that the WWE's already included its champion of Friday Night Smackdown among the ranks of the heel, a sign that what happened in Summerslam was not just a coincidence.

As reported at the bottom of the pages of the well-known site, in fact: "We have been told that from now on, Lynch will be positioned among Smackdown's top heels, initially in feuding with Bianca Belair." Just as happened with Smackdown's Tribal Chief, Becky Lynch, too, has thus made a return to Summerslam as a heel, with a surprise attack.