Nick Khan Speaks About The Rock vs Roman Reigns

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Nick Khan Speaks About The Rock vs Roman Reigns

Nick Khan is currently working as the WWE President and he spoke about a potential The Rock vs Roman Reigns match in the future on BT Sports. Nick Khan has appeared in various interviews recently to speak about many WWE related topics.

During the interview with BT Sports, Nick Khan revealed that his sister co-created the Young Rock show. The show will be having a second season. He was asked about whether or not The Rock keeps contact with the WWE.

Nick Khan Speaks About The Rock and Roman Reigns Possibly Happening in WWE

“Dwayne, he’s focused on being the mega-star that he’s built himself into,” Khan explains.

“We’re always talking to him about different opportunities and what could come. “WWE is a producer on Young Rock, they graciously allowed us to do that because they wanted us to be partners in it. So, there’s more to be done with them, as for that”.

As Roman Reigns is currently working as a heel, many fans would like to see him work with The Rock. However, The Rock hasn’t shown an interest in returning to the WWE anytime soon. The Rock is busy these days as he is a very famous action hero and has been part of many blockbuster films.

That being said, The Rock has kept himself associated with the WWE one way or another. Nick Khan revealed that there are plenty of conflicts that the WWE will need to address before that can actually happen. According to rumors, the Rock will be returning to WWE soon.

“Listen, from your mouth to God’s ear, let’s see,” stated Nick Khan. “I think it’s something everyone would like to see is any of our big superstars, like Roman, against any of our other big superstars who can still do it.

We know Cena can still do it at an A+ level, we know The Rock can still do it at an A+ level. But ultimately it comes down to all the boring business things: scheduling, when does it work, how long do we need him, how long does it take, what other commitments does he have.

So, we’ll see”. The Rock has not been part of any major WWE event for a very long time. His last match took place at a WrestleMania event where he quickly squashed a member of the Wyatt Family. He hasn’t had a single match since then.