What are the plans for John Morrison?

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What are the plans for John Morrison?

During the last episode of Monday Night Raw that aired just a few hours ago, on Monday night, The Miz saw fit to vent all his frustration for the defeat suffered at the hands of Xavier Woods on his ally John Morrison. The former WWE Champion thus hit his longtime friend of the WWE several times, even attacking him with his finisher in the center of the Raw ring, leaving WWE Universe fans astonished.

In fact, the two had been arguing about the fake injury carried out by Miz on the company's television screens for a few weeks, with Morrison who was very embittered by the thing, since his historical partner had also made fun of him, not telling him the truth since 'Start.

After some disagreements experienced in front of the WWE cameras, The Miz has thus decided to interrupt the collaboration with John Morrison in the worst possible way, writing an end to all the shows broadcast together with his historical partner and putting an end to a great friendship that had lasted on McMahon's TV screens for years and years now.

Latest update on John Morrison

Apparently, according to what was revealed by the pages of PW Insider, it would seem that the WWE has now moved its Raw athlete, John Morrison, to the ranks of the babyfaces of the red roster, after the attack suffered by The Miz live on Monday Night Raw.

As can be seen from one of the latest updates of the well-known site, in fact: "John Morrison's babyface turn is the new direction for Morrison, so this isn't a one-day plan that will only take effect in the feud with The Miz and will eventually be forgotten, but it will be a real point of departure.

for him." Apparently, the future in the ranks of the "good guys" is what WWE wants to entrust now to one of its most acclaimed athletes in the mid-carding of the red show, who has also won a lot of titles in the course of his career.

of couples, secondary titles and ECW titles. John Morrison opened up on the "drip stick" and him using a lot of water metaphors for his "Johnny Drip Drip" character as of late. Morrison noted that the word "moist" is Franky Monet's least favorite word.

"Then I started using all these water metaphors," John Morrison continued. "I really enjoy using the word moist. It happens to be Franky’s least favorite word. I’ll say, 'I’m moist by choice babe.'

She’ll say, 'Don’t ever say that again.' It’s fun to bug her a little bit. The whole “Johnny Drip Drip” now is the way I dress, my hair, it’s all my version of what drip is. All that stuff is fun and ridiculous. And I happen to like ridiculousness."