Sheamus reveals how he turned his WWE career

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Sheamus reveals how he turned his WWE career

Sheamus has made himself the author of an excellent 2021 so far and has now established himself as one of the best heels around on Monday Night Raw. The Irish superstar was embroiled in a heated feud with Damian Priest, which reached its climax in the pay-per-view SummerSlam.

Just as his retirement from wrestling seemed imminent due to serious injuries, Sheamus found the strength to get up and start a shiny new phase of his WWE adventure. During a lengthy interview with Sportskeeda, a few days before SummerSlam, the four-time WWE Champion revealed the advice he was given by Triple H several years ago.

The Game has progressively moved away from the ring in recent times, successfully dedicating itself to its executive role and the vehement rise of NXT.

Sheamus has found his smile

“I'm having a lot of fun at this stage of my career” - Sheamus began.

“I had never reached this peak of fun in my previous years in WWE. I think the main reason behind this change is that I'm much more relaxed now. I remember talking at length against Triple H a few years ago. He told me that it was necessary for me to discover myself and what my goals were, only then could I give a new impetus to my career.

For quite a long time, I had tried to convey an image of myself that was different from what I really was. The stars have aligned perfectly over the past twelve months, in fact I'm enjoying every single moment in the ring” - he said.

Sheamus has a desire for the next edition of WrestleMania (which will be number 38): “I would love to fight with Drew McIntyre in a stadium full of people. The feud we've had in the past has been great, but we couldn't get it to a climax at WrestleMania.

Maybe in the next edition, we will be granted this possibility, I'm sure the WWE Universe would be thrilled”. Speaking on Ryan Satin’s Out of Character podcast, the Irishman said he recently clarified reports about morale in another interview.

He added that WWE stars still get along and joke around with each other backstage. “I said a while ago about the locker room, I talked about a couple of releases,” Sheamus said. “No one ever wants to see releases, you know, I lost a lot of friends who are no longer with the company.

They asked me how the atmosphere was. I said the atmosphere’s good, and then obviously Sheamus is lying because how can the atmosphere be good?"