Goldberg talks about his son Gage

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Goldberg talks about his son Gage

The one between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated matches of the SummerSlam card, together with the main event that saw John Cena and Roman Reigns opposed. After Bill's defeat at the hands of 'The All Mighty', who therefore kept his WWE Championship, we saw Gage - Goldberg's son - step into the ring and try to attack Lashley.

The latter was not surprised and knocked out the boy without worrying about the consequences of such a gesture. Upon realizing his son's intervention, Goldberg promised Lashley that he will take revenge someday. Numerous experts believe it is likely that we will see a rematch between these two authentic giants during the show in Saudi Arabia which will take place in October.

Interviewed by 'La Previa de WWE' a few hours before SummerSlam, 'The Icon' explained what his reaction would be if Gage wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and pursue a career in professional wrestling.

Goldberg on his son Gage

"I really don't know what to answer, I swear" - admitted Goldberg. “I have no idea what I would do if such a situation arises. The fact is that I am his father, my job is to support him in his choices.

If he makes a decision, our parents have to help him 100% of our ability. I don't know how interested Gage is in becoming a wrestler, it's a conversation we've never really addressed. In the event that he wanted to pursue this goal, I'm sure he would carry my name forward in a dignified manner "- he added.

This is a parallelism that is seen with Dominik Mysterio, who made his WWE debut alongside his father Rey. “They are two quite different situations, as Mysterio has been a family of wrestlers for generations. My lineage is very different, I got into this business relatively late and it was certainly not my dream as a child.

It must be said that Gage got to the front lines much earlier than I did. I am proud of what he has achieved so far”. Now, how exactly will WWE get to the rematch? Goldberg has openly admitted that his contract with the company (which runs until 2023) is for him to wrestle twice a year.

Both of his matches for the year are over, but Crown Jewel was announced by WWE for October 2021. It's usually not a Saudi Arabia show without a legend like him. But to have him defeat Bobby Lashley, the WWE title mustn't be involved. This could mean that The All Mighty is in his final month or two as the champion.