What will happen to Roman Reigns?

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What will happen to Roman Reigns?

During the evening of last Saturday, entirely dedicated for the first time in the history of PPV to Summerslam, which aired from Las Vegas, WWE staged two sensational returns, such as those of Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar.

If The Man managed to get in the running in a match and make it his own, immediately becoming Smackdown Women's Champion upon his return, for Lesnar instead, the return was a little calmer and reasoned, with The Beast immediately challenging Roman Reigns, who's still the WWE Universal Champion and then dedicated himself to destroying John Cena, once the cameras of the event stopped filming.

After the overwhelming victory over the leader of the Chain Gang, in fact, Reigns has had his new challenge, which will probably lead him and Lesnar to compete in the rings of the next PPV in October, Crown Jewel, even if at the moment there is still nothing official.

However, many WWE Universe fans and insiders are now wondering if Roman Reigns will change his character or his attitude, given that he is now Smackdown's monster heel and will have to go against one of the monster heel par excellence of the whole WWE.

Backstage News on Roman Reigns

To reassure the fans of the Roman Reigns heel, we thought the well-known overseas site PW Insider, which reports on its pages the fact that the intention of WWE is to keep Reigns absolutely in the ranks of Friday Night Smackdown heels, thus not transforming him once again into the babyface of the company.

At the moment it is therefore not known if Lesnar will be the face of the feud or if the two will continue to fight each other as two heels, but the certain thing, according to what the insider said, through the words of Mike Johnson, is that Reigns will continue to be absolutely heel.

At the moment we still do not know if in the dispute between the two there will also be the services of Paul Heyman, former manager of Lesnar and if the Mad Genius will be fundamental in the feud between the two. The only thing we know is that if Lesnar were to fight as a babyface, it would be the first time something like this has happened since 2003 when Lesnar was still fighting in the feud against Kurt Angle, valid for the WWE Championship.

Brock Lesnar has introduced a new ponytail look and looks ready to make the unlikely transition to being a babyface during the program with Reigns. The Beast Incarnate also provided an excellent preview of his babyface traits after SummerSlam as he was spotted smiling and interacting with fans.