CM Punk continues to send mysterious messages to fans

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CM Punk continues to send mysterious messages to fans

In recent weeks, in the world of pro-wrestling nothing else has been talked about and in the end, some of the indiscretions of the last few months have turned out to be true: CM Punk has finally landed in the All Elite Wrestling rings.

In the second episode of AEW Rampage, the second most important All Elite show, CM Punk literally collapsed (metaphorically), the Chicago arena in which the show was held, with a surprise appearance that fans of the WWE Universe but also those of all world pro-wrestling have been waiting for years now.

In the last few weeks, the name of the former WWE Champion had become more and more insistent, with the "voice of the voiceless", who after making his historic debut in the second company of the United States, also launched his first historical challenge in the rings of AEW, for All Out, next September 5th, against Darby Allin, who will obviously be accompanied as always by the legendary Sting.

CM Punk on Daniel Bryan

As we reported earlier this morning, during the interview staged on tonight's Dynamite TV screens, CM Punk responded to the various "Yes Yes Yes" chants of AEW fans, telling fans that they will still have to wait a little while, not thus excluding the possible landing rumored for weeks by former WWE colleague Daniel Bryan, but rather by enlarging the various rumors about it.

If all this was still not enough to ignite WWE and AEW fans, another "story" posted by the Chicago hero on his official Instagram profile has also thought of it, in which only a piece of a famous photo is taken. in which he and Bryan, at the time of the Ring of Honor, shook hands before their match.

Obviously, although the photo has been artfully cropped, to the historical fans of the two or at least to those who are addicted to online research, the thing has not escaped at all, with fans waiting to know if Bryan will really land on the AEW rings and especially when and in what context.

Towards the end of the clip, CM Punk can be heard saying that when he was white-hot, he was booked to lose to Triple H, as well as "Awesome Truth." R-Truth didn't mince his words while addressing CM Punk's comments and had the following to say on TikTok: CM Punk you lost to me and Miz cause we were H*TTER than you sorry, and I neva thought you were impressive at all, just typical entitlement.