Andrade thanks Charlotte Flair for her help

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Andrade thanks Charlotte Flair for her help

The love story between Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo is perhaps one of the most beautiful in the world of pro-wrestling right now. The two met thanks to Karl Anderson. In fact, Charlotte, fascinated by the handsome luchador, asked Karl to introduce him to him and even though Andrade was reluctant at once, in the end, they got closer and never left.

The couple never hesitates to spend nice words for each other during interviews, showing all their support in any circumstance in life and in particular Charlotte has been doing it a lot lately towards her boyfriend who has been through difficult months before finding your size again.

Andrade opens up on Charlotte Flair

Interviewed by Sports Illustrated's Justin Barrasso, Andrade confirmed that Charlotte Flair had asked WWE two and a half months earlier for permission to attend her match at TripleMania XXIX, which caused her to miss the live show in Charlotte, North Carolina, between protests from disappointed fans, and even praised her love and support.

"Ashley [Charlotte's real name ed] knew how important it was to me, so she asked for the weekend off two and a half months ago." Andrade said. "She told me she was so nervous and cried watching my match. , so it meant a lot that it could be there.

With Ashley, we have the best of both worlds. She teaches me. I teach her. She teaches me how to take my time while entering, how to stay in the ring, the little things that people notice when she looks at you. I help her with moves, submissions, adding details to her move set.

She is the person I went to when I asked what I should do for my future. She knew I was unhappy, and I knew it would be sad if I left WWE, because our life is on the road together. But she knows this is my dream, and she supported my decision without hesitation.

She looking at me in my new gear, seeing me training so hard for the past couple of months, she said she was so proud of me. She says my dreams of her inspire her. She said she can see a change in me and my happiness. That's all she matters."

It also appears that Charlotte Flair had expressed a desire to accompany Andrade to ringside along with Ric Flair, but this was not possible because she would otherwise have violated her contract with WWE. But she still was able to support her boyfriend from backstage and be there in such an important moment for him.