Roman Reigns and his amazing streak in WWE

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Roman Reigns and his amazing streak in WWE

It has now been more than 600 days since Roman Reigns was pinned in a WWE ring, a series that (calendar in hand) therefore started even at the end of 2019. And if it's incredible to look at the Tribal Chief's statistics, it is even more absurd to think about who was the last opponent able to nail him to the ring.

Especially looking at how their respective careers have evolved since then. Roman Reigns right now appears as an almost impossible entity to defeat, both in SmackDown and more generally throughout WWE. As Paul Heyman likes to reiterate in each of his promos (he did it even before Money in the Bank, before being interrupted by Edge), the Tribal Chief took less than a year to effectively address and take down all his potentials without possible recriminations.

challengers. Rated R Superstar herself paid for that hiatus by being beaten by Roman Reigns for the second time since their feud began. Roman Reigns is now very ready to take on a new challenge at SummerSlam, where he will defend his Universal Championship against John Cena.

Perhaps a battle that poses the biggest threat to Reigns' title among those races so far, but one that will still come too late to stop him from passing another major milestone. It is precisely that of the 600 days without pinning, reached on 6 August last.

But who was the last to make it? The answer, read today, seems almost unbelievable.

Roman Reigns is experiencing a magical moment

The Streak has in fact kicked off after TLC 2019, an event that saw Roman Reigns lose by pinfall at the hands of Baron Corbin (still in the role of King Corbin).

How times have changed. Corbin now going through a new, depressing phase in his career. According to the storyline, in fact, after giving the crown to King Nakamura he found himself in a very heavy economic crisis that made him unrecognizable for the WWE employees themselves.

The derelict Baron Corbin also lost to Kevin Owens in the last episode of SmackDown, also losing the right to "give alms" in WWE facilities. A match that captured the attention and also the compliments of The Rock himself, who praised the former King of the Ring himself.

A man is in total crisis. But that, if nothing else, he can boast that he was the last to knock out Roman Reigns before the Samoan became unstoppable.