Samoa Joe pays tribute to Brock Lesnar

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Samoa Joe pays tribute to Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar's return was arguably SummerSlam's most surprising moment, coupled with Becky Lynch's return after her first pregnancy. The Beast, whose last match went back to WrestleMania 36, basically challenged Roman Reigns for the Universal title.

With the cameras off, Lesnar then went after poor John Cena, who had just come out defeated in the main event against the 'Tribal Chief' It will now be necessary to see what Paul Heyman's eventual contribution will be in the storyline between the two, with the 'Mad Genius' that could be crucial in a favor of one or the other.

In a recent interview with 'GiveMeSports', current NXT champion Samoa Joe spent good words for Brock calling him one of the most incredible athletes ever. The two superstars met for the first time at 'Great Balls of Fire' in 2017 with the Universal Championship up for grabs.

Samoa Joe praises Brock Lesnar

"For me, Brock Lesnar is a truly impressive athlete" - Samoa Joe began bluntly. “We're talking about one of the most skilled wrestlers he has ever shared the ring with. Kurt Angle is certainly part of that lineup in terms of strength, reflexes and the ability to develop a story within the match.

I have always had excellent chemistry with these two guys, I think it was noticed when we worked together" - he added. Lesnar's return has sent the WWE Universe into a frenzy, however, as no one was expecting a similar twist so soon.

It was in fact rumored that 'The Beast' would have entered into a new agreement with the Stamford federation for WrestleMania 38. Roman Reigns himself admitted he was stunned: “I think he wanted to measure himself against the most dominant Universal champion that has ever existed.

He presented himself with the appearance of a farmer and butcher, unlike John Cena who is now the Hollywood star. The Bloodline members and I have raised the bar, which is why everyone wants to confront us." According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, Reigns would likely face Finn Balor at next month's WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view.

This week's SmackDown closed with Balor coming out to the ring during the family celebration of The Bloodline and challenging The Tribal Chief for his title at next week's episode of the blue brand. The match has now been made official.

As for Brock Lesnar, the report claims that he will be facing Roman Reigns either at Crown Jewel or Survivor Series later this year. WWE likely wants to have this massive match on a bigger stage than Extreme Rules.