Vince Russo believes that some superstars get paid too much

NXT has been able to carve out an important role in recent years

by Simone Brugnoli
Vince Russo believes that some superstars get paid too much

Thanks to the expert hands of Triple H, NXT has been able to carve out an important role in recent years. The 'Black and Gold' brand quickly turned into a great alternative to Raw and SmackDown, offering storylines that managed to capture the attention of fans and the public.

Due to the effects of the global pandemic, the Stamford-based company has been forced to release a large number of superstars in the past few months. The cuts also affected the NXT roster, so much so that some experts have hypothesized a hostile attitude by Vince McMahon towards the yellow show.

During the latest edition of 'Writing with Russo', former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo explained how NXT's current product doesn't interest him in the slightest. In his opinion, NXT has never aligned with Vince McMahon's vision, a serious mistake that has had serious repercussions on young athletes on the launch pad.

"The reason why I don't watch NXT shows is that it's absolutely not worth it" - began Vince Russo.

Vince Russo slams WWE

"Every time I've tried to take a look, I've realized that there is a myriad of average superstars who are being overpaid.

It would be much better to offer a lower salary to the athletes and work more on the development of talents,” he added. WWE has done little to improve the product in recent times. “They are doing business based on their social media numbers.

Today TV ratings and aspects of the genre no longer count. If this is the case, the commitment that is put into the growth of the product decreases significantly. TV shows are not that important to them from a strictly commercial point of view, whereas in the past it was the other way around.

The situation is this, you have to get over it. He no longer cares about the storylines, their construction, who faces Becky Lynch when she returns. They only want content that has a resonance on social media,” said Vince Russo.

This episode was solid as usual, as we saw some big developments take place. The women's division has gotten some development, with matches being teased and big stars debuting. Kay Lee Ray will add a lot to NXT's female roster.

Meanwhile, several other stories were furthered. There is some potential across NXT right now, as the brand continues to undergo gradual change. We now know who the biggest players will be, as evidenced by Samoa Joe's first segment as a three-time NXT Champion.

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