Vince Russo reveals that ratings are no longer decisive for WWE

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Vince Russo reveals that ratings are no longer decisive for WWE

One of the goals that are considered fundamental for WWE and the McMahon family is to obtain good TV ratings, ratings in the United States that can certify the company as the main one in the world. During the last episode of Writing with Russo, the former creative team member Vince Russo spoke to Dr.

Chris Featherstone and the two discussed the fact that according to Russo, television ratings are no longer a priority for the WWE. "Guys, I think by now the TV show and the ratings I don't think business people care that much.

They now think by the numbers they do on social media. When Nick Khan comes out, he takes care of these numerous reactions and all companies and networks observe the reach that the company has on social media, guys, now so many are looking at social networks.

At the moment they aim to sell this and therefore ratings no longer have the importance they had in the past and consequently, the TV show is no longer so important. It doesn't matter if the show is good or bad."

Vince Russo's criticism of WWE superstars

During the last episode of Legion of Raw on Sportkeeda Vince Russo then spoke about the WWE superstars.

Here are his words: "I really hate saying certain things because it might sound mean, but I feel like I want to be 100% honest with the listeners. When I watch today's shows, I get the feeling that most of the athletes aren't really superstars, they just play a part.

They don't have the makings of the champions of the past, I'm sorry but this is reality. I personally don't like WWE and wouldn't buy anything WWE is trying to sell to me at this stage in history. I can't believe the characters are credible, I just can't do that." Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Dr.

Chris Featherstone, Vince Russo said a storyline between Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch and Karrion Kross & Scarlett might have worked. He added that Lynch could even go to the next level by competing against men instead of women.

“I swear to God, this is absolutely nuts,” Russo said. “But the only other thing I could think of, because there is nobody else on that roster I care about, the only thing I could think of is Becky Lynch coming in and basically looking around and saying, ‘I beat everybody on this roster.

I don’t know what it is for me to prove here. I want to go to the next level,’ and for Becky to say, ‘I want to compete against the men.’”