Becky Lynch is ready to retrace the footsteps of Roman Reigns

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Becky Lynch is ready to retrace the footsteps of Roman Reigns

Becky Lynch returned to the WWE stage during SummerSlam. The strong wrestler appeared to replace the absent Sasha Banks and beat the now ex-champion Bianca Belair in a 'squash match' of just 27 seconds. For The Man, a Heel future now lies ahead and in the next edition of Friday Night Smackdown, we will see how things will evolve for Seth Rollins' wife.

Becky was Babyface and after a long absence she is back in WWE now as Heel, this story is reminiscent of something and in fact, The Man has retraced the footsteps of WWE Universal Champion and Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Becky Lynch and the path of Roman Reigns

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Becky Lynch's role was inspired by Roman Reigns' turn Heel and for this reason, she was assigned this role in the company.

The wrestler has specifically asked to return as Heel and this is on the one hand because she is inspired by Roman Reigns and on the other hand because everyone in WWE believes that being a Heel is a lot more fun. The last time Becky was Heel she became the most popular star in the company and the s*xiest wrestler the company has ever had.

Fans have seen Becky smash Bianca Belair in that atypical way and now we will see her turn to take things in the next episode of Friday Night Smackdown. Recently Vince Russo spoke about Becky Lynch's role in the company and said that the wrestler would need more challenging issues and even talked about the possibility that Becky could face men within the WWE.

There are those who did not appreciate Becky and Bianca's work at SummerSlam such as Hall of Famer WWE Sean Waltman who said: "Bianca was on the road to becoming a megastar and a lot of people are inspired by her, you can't.

treat her like that even if we talk about such a young star." According to Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling podcast, the company already had plans for The Man to appear on the show, but her winning the title wasn't part of those plans.

“I was told this was not gonna be the ending, obviously," said Andrew Zarian. "She was gonna show up on this card. Becky Lynch was always gonna come out for this live crowd. That was not something that was last minute. The title change was the difference, that was something new.

That was not planned…that was an adjustment, they made it and we’ll see where it goes on Friday”.