FOX rages at WWE over CM Punk


FOX rages at WWE over CM Punk

As we saw in the last episode of Rampage, but also in the last episode of Dynamite by All Elite Wrestling, CM Punk made his return to a pro-wrestling ring after years of his disappearance from the world of discipline, with a few and only public appearances made about pro-wrestling, which came on FOX's WWE Backstage show, alongside Jon Moxley's wife, Renee Young.

After apparently taking the 2014 Royal Rumble, Punk had decided to leave the WWE forever, making his contract expire and no longer appearing in front of the cameras of the federation, also starting a dispute against the company and especially against its medical staff, represented by Dr.

Amann. After seven years, CM Punk has decided to return in style and has done so in the rings of the second episode of the newborn AEW Rampage, show number 2 of the company of the Khan family, which thus had a boom in views thanks to the name of Punk alone, re-emerged from the dark depths of the pro-wrestling world after years.

FOX takes a shot at WWE over CM Punk

CM Punk's AEW debut was an unquestionably legendary moment in professional wrestling history. Everything about the scene was surreal from the molten h*t crowd to his emotional reaction and his heartfelt speech.

The latter seemed to allude to what would come from his time with All Elite Wrestling. Not only will Punk compete with the young talent, but he said he had some old scores to settle. As reported by the usual Dave Meltzer, during one of the last Newsletters of the Wrestling Observer, the management of FOX, a very important American television broadcaster, which broadcasts Friday Night Smackdown every Friday evening and which until a few months ago also broadcast WWE Backstage, would go on furious knowing that the McMahon-owned company didn't even try to make Punk an offer before he landed in AEW.

As reported by the well-known journalist, in fact: "FOX was really disappointed that WWE didn't make a big offer for Punk to keep him away from AEW." Apparently, CM Punk's said to have discussed directly with Tony Khan, without even asking his former company, a sign that relations between the two sides have never relaxed since the 2014 farewell.

We recall that the landing on the FOX television screens, at WWE Backstage, was in fact wanted by the executives of the television station and not by the WWE, which only gave its consent to the agreement, then signed by Punk and by FOX itself. and not with WWE.

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