*Spoiler* Roman Reigns' new challenger revealed

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*Spoiler* Roman Reigns' new challenger revealed

In the last week, there has been nothing but talk of Roman Reigns' new challenger, who will most likely go to challenge the Universal champion of Friday Night Smackdown in the rings of the next Arab show, Crown Jewel, which should also theoretically take place next October, in Arab land.

After the sensational return of Brock Lesnar in Summerslam, only last Saturday, it was understood immediately that the next really hard challenge that will await the absolute champion of the blue show is this with The Beast, but since then, Lesnar has disappeared new from WWE TV screens, not even appearing tonight at Smackdown.

To make his return to the plans that count of the federation card, instead came Finn Balor, who initially was already supposed to be the challenger for Reigns' Summerslam, but who then suffered the attack of Baron Corbin, favoring the signing of John Cena on the contract for Summerslam and thus losing the opportunity of a lifetime for the summer Big Four.

Finn Balor will be the next title challenger for Roman Reigns

Sami Zayn has shown his support and acknowledged Roman Reigns. Taking to Twitter, the former WWE Intercontinental Champion sent out a message where he indicated that the WWE Universe should acknowledge their Tribal Chief.

Zayn quoted a recent statement from Roman Reigns where he mentioned that the former needs to be on WWE TV more often. The WWE Universal Champion admitted that Zayn having a spot on the show is a good thing. In the Friday Night Smackdown episode that aired tonight, in the main event of the evening, there was a family celebration, with the duo champions, the Usos, who own the ring along with the Tribal Chief and Paul Heyman, trying to celebrate their titled kingdoms.

To come out of the backstage, however, at a certain point also Finn Balor arrived, who clamored for that famous title match that had been stolen under his nose just a few weeks ago, right in the act of signing the same. Initially, Balor had been aiming for a titled challenge for next week, in the next episode of Smackdown, but apparently, WWE may have automatically pushed the challenge to next month's PPV: Extreme Rules, before the Samoans attacked Balor and the latter was saved by the Street Profits.

For those wondering, the challenge with Lesnar has been momentarily frozen, with WWE trying to better build this storyline, according to the well-known website PW Insider. At the moment the challenge between Lesnar and Reigns is scheduled either for October 21st at Crown Jewel or even at Survivor Series, next November 21st.