Kane reveals the origins of his iconic character

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Kane reveals the origins of his iconic character

Kane can certainly be counted among the most recognizable characters of all time. The 'Big Red Machine' was a dominant force in WWE during the famous Attitude Era, continuing to destroy its opponents in subsequent years. The former world champion was inducted into the Hall of Fame just this year.

Wrestling fans will know that Kane has successfully devoted himself to politics after leaving wrestling, testifying to a keen intelligence and a relentless will to get involved. Invited to the 'Stories' podcast hosted by John Layfield and Gerald Brisco, Glenn Jacobs recalled the events that led to his character creation in WWE.

Kane explained that - when Vader was arrested in Kuwait - the Stamford company was in desperate need of someone who could work with The Undertaker.

Kane was one of the symbols of the Attitude Era

“They needed to find a superstar who could hold their own against The Undertaker,” said Kane.

“Their initial idea was to set up just one angle, which shouldn't have repercussions in the following months. The choice fell on me, as I was a massive guy who matched perfectly with Taker physically. Vince McMahon enjoyed our interaction so much that he wanted to keep it going for much longer.

The relationship between me and the Deadman soon turned into a long-term project” - he added. Paul Bearer played an important role in telling the story between Kane and the Undertaker, often switching sides throughout his career.

“Paul was an incredible character both in and out of the ring. I remember once we were in San Diego, he had a fever and couldn't drive to the arena. We hired a red Cadillac, put on a balaclava so I wouldn't be recognized and started driving with Paul Bearer leaning against the window.

A lot of people had surrounded the area adjacent to the driveway. Bearer, who looked sick 30 seconds earlier, got up and started evangelizing the crowd with the cry of 'Kane can drive!'” he commented. Mike Johnson from PWInsider has revealed what the WWE's plans are for Kane going forward and he suggested that we wouldn't be seeing him on Monday Night Raw for too long as Kane's return is only a short-term thing.

Whilst Johnson stated that Kane's return has been in the works for a few months now, he also said that there wasn't much planned for the former World Champion. As a result, Kane would probably only be around for a month which means we'll have him for the TLC pay-per-view and roughly for around three weeks after that.