Goldberg talks about his current physical condition

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Goldberg talks about his current physical condition

One of the most anticipated matches in SummerSlam's WWE Pay per View was undoubtedly the battle between WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and the challenger, the Hall of Famer Goldberg of the Vince McMahon's company. The wrestler saw The All Mighty dominate the match and injure his opponent as well as take down Goldberg's son, Gage after he tried to stop him.

The match ended with the referee sanctioning the WWE Champion's victory with Goldberg no longer able to fight. On the microphones of CarCast, Bill Goldberg talked about that match, returning among other things to his physical condition: "I'm still very stunned and confused after what happened.

Plus I'm still continually lame. "The wrestler still appeared quite confused about what happened to SummerSlam and there is a curiosity to understand if and how he will continue the feud against the WWE Champion.

The latest news on Goldberg

Just recently Goldberg had talked about the possibility that his son Gage could fight in a wrestling ring and on this he commented: "I don't know what I would do about it, I am his father and I have to support him in his choices but in this case, I really don't know what to answer.

If he makes a decision, we parents must help him 100% of our possibilities, but personally, I don't know how much he wants to pursue this path." In the past, Goldberg had stated that he did not like this possibility very much: "It was never my goal to involve my family in my work, I was afraid of repercussions or whatever.

Everyone knows that my family is one of the reasons that pushed me to return to the ring again." Latest rumors and some experts believe it is very likely that in October, during the tour in Saudi Arabia, there will be a rematch valid for the WWE Championship between Bobby Lashley and Bill Goldberg.

In an interview with CarCast, Goldberg revealed what happened in the ring between him and Gage after Lashley's brutal attack. Check out the full comments below (credit to Fightful for the transcription): "I didn't see sh*t.

I was choking him," Goldberg said. "He goes, 'Dad, when you came over and grabbed me, you were choking me.' I was like, 'I saw you smiling man, I had to get the smile off.' The kid is impervious to pressure. He did four hours of homework before he went out and jumped in the ring with a 290-pound monster who was beating his dad up.

It didn't bother him one bit. Wanda [Goldberg's wife] was in the back. If she was anywhere near the ring... she would have had to jump in too."