Big E talks about his future as a WWE symbol

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Big E talks about his future as a WWE symbol

One of the characters on which WWE is focusing more in the last period, is definitely Big E, the winner of this year's Money in the Bank Ladder match, which in recent months has received more and more prestige and more and more depth.

on the rings of Friday Night Smackdown, from his victory of the Intercontinental title to the victory of the most famous briefcase in WWE history. Ever since his split with New Day, with his teammates ending up on Monday Night Raw as a team, leaving him at Smackdown alone, it was understood that WWE wanted to focus on E as a single talent in the long run, with the match between Big E and Roman Reigns which has been practically already designated for a future is not yet known how far from now.

Backstage News on Big E

In his latest interview with Sports Illustrated, Big E wanted to answer the many questions about what his career will be and the pressure on him when he becomes WWE Champion, should he ever win a world title once he has cashed in the briefcase he carries.

now around. Regarding him becoming the face of the company, Big E said: "It's a tall order, but I'm ready. I've been playing the meditation drum for the past year and it has helped me a lot to focus on the present moment... so I'm not worried about this gigantic task of being the face of the company.

I am too focused on trying my best to entertain with whatever I am given... I am ready and I have been ready." With these short but simple and direct phrases, Big E has tried to make WWE itself and its fans understand, how it will not leave them dissatisfied and embittered should it become one of the leading faces.

of the company, which every athlete aspires to be sooner or later in life, becoming a pro-wrestler. So we just have to wait and hope that this great consecration to one of the symbolic faces of today's WWE arrives for Big E.

The WWE Universe has been speculating when, and more importantly, on whom, will he cash in his Money in the Bank contract. Speaking with DAZN, he teased going after Universal Champion Roman Reigns. "Those are all great options," said Big E.

"I feel Roman’s the guy though. Roman’s the guy in the industry, and if you want to be remembered, if you want to do something cool, something special, that's a great way to do it. Roman’s on a tear. This is one of the best runs I can remember. I feel like he's definitely hitting his stride in a way that he hasn't before."