WWE presents a new merchandising item dedicated to Bray Wyatt

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WWE presents a new merchandising item dedicated to Bray Wyatt

One of the most sensational releases arrived in this 2021 of world pandemic, a year decimated by layoffs in WWE just as happened last year, was that of Bray Wyatt, former WWE world champion, who in the last period had made a success with the new character of the Fiend, staged on the televisions of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown.

Along with fellow colleagues, Aleister Black, Baun Strowman, Murphy and Lana, Wyatt's was certainly the hardest blow WWE Universe fans had to take, as everyone was waiting to see how Wyatt or rather his alter ego, would return to the scene, after the long break he took after Wrestlemania 37.

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE on July 31st 2021

Despite its release, the WWE continued undaunted to make money with merchandise items dedicated to Bray Wyatt and his alter ego, the Fiend, even going so far as to put on sale new items, never seen on the market, such as a brand new Funko POP from the WWE line, dedicated to Christmas.

In some Walmart stores and on various online sites, in fact, there is already the toy dedicated to the Fiend in the Christmas version, with the now-former WWE character dressed in the classic Santa Claus hat and in a fluorescent version, which lights up in the dark.

At the moment the object turns out to be almost impossible to find, but those few people who managed to buy it ensure that the price is quite low (from 13 to 40 dollars), while instead around Christmas, it is thought that the article will skyrocket, like often happens with these special and limited items.

An explanation for this unusual move by the WWE could be the fact that to build such an object it takes months, with projects that must be put into practice step by step. Once the final result was reached, therefore, WWE had already confirmed the release of its athlete for weeks, thus remaining with its merchandise to sell.

Although WWE decided to do without his athlete because it cost too much, it seems Bray Wyatt would still be able to make a lot of money for WWE, even without a contract in place. Who knows when Wyatt lands in the rings of another pro-wrestling company what will happen? WWE has released multiple superstars over the past two years, with many of them going on to sign with Impact Wrestling or AEW.

Interestingly, Impact and AEW have a working relationship and superstars like The Good Brothers, Christian, Frankie Kazarian and Kenny Omega appear on both shows.