What was the backstage reaction to Bianca Belair's defeat?

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What was the backstage reaction to Bianca Belair's defeat?

One of the most absurd and sensational defeats arrived in the Summerslam ring, the last major event broadcast from the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas by the entire WWE crew, was certainly the one experienced by Bianca Belair, former Friday Night Smackdown champion, who in front of the returning Becky Lynch, she managed to lose her contest in a few seconds, remaining motionless to the referee's three count.

Despite the initial shock, Bianca Belair immediately stood up and challenged the beautiful The Man, going on to win a Fatal 4 Way elimination in the last episode of the blue show, becoming the new n° 1 contender for the title currently alongside the re-entering after more than a year of absence for her first pregnancy.

What was the backstage reaction to Bianca Belair's defeat?

If it seemed to the fans that Bianca Belair's defeat at Summerslam didn't go down at all, several insiders would have been very proud of her, as some knew about these plans and have always seen her with a smile, even before going out in the ring on Summerslam night.

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known Fightful Select podcast, it would seem that most of the WWE crew backstage at Summerslam would have been literally shocked by his defeat, while the part of the crew that knew about this defeat, took it with him.

an excellent spirit, also seeing the athlete's approach to the match and its end. Bianca Belair is however seen as a great professional by all the colleagues and by the leaders of the federation, also and above all thanks to her dedication to work and her being inclined to every creative decision taken for her by the management.

According to many insiders, Belair will be one of the future Superstars who will take charge of the entire company on her shoulders, a bit like what already happens today with the various Roman Reigns, Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins and a few others.

A great Superstar was therefore born in WWE and to do so she too had to suffer her most scorching defeat ever. Bianca Belair gave the Irish superstar a lot of respect during the chat with Denise Salcedo by stating that "The Man" was a legend in the making.

"Right now, I'm just trying to collect my thoughts," revealed Bianca Belair. "Everything happened too quickly. I was ready to fight Sasha Banks, and Becky came out, which was an amazing moment. I'm happy to be a part of that, but I lost my title, and right now, I'm just emotional.

I feel defeated. It was bittersweet, Becky Lynch, what she has accomplished inside and outside the ring. She is a legend in the making."

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