Latest news on Daniel Bryan's AEW debut

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Latest news on Daniel Bryan's AEW debut

In recent months, the world of pro-wrestling has given us great emotions, from the return to the scene of characters now lost along the way long ago, such as CM Punk, who recently returned to to the professional wrestling rings in All Elite Wrestling or the various returns, after months and months of absence, of the likes of John Cena, Brock Lesnar and Becky Lynch in WWE, but also bad news such as the releases of Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Aleister Black and so on and so forth from the WWE rosters.

While many of the released have already found a new job in the Impact Wrestling or AEW rings, more than a few would still be looking for new plans for their future, including Wyatt and Strowman, whose non-compete clauses with WWE are still outstanding and will remain so for a few weeks.

One of the most sensational names that could soon land on the All Elite rings is that of his historical colleague Daniel Bryan, who has decided to terminate his deal with McMahon's WWE without renewing it, after years of hard work for the Stamford-based company.

Already during the last episode of Dynamite that aired last Tuesday, CM Punk had had to answer live from the ring, in his interview with Tony Schiavone to the fans shouting the famous Daniel Bryan chorus "Yes Yes Yes", with the Second City Savior who assured fans that they will have to wait a little longer, confirming also on the other hand, that Bryan's arrival is therefore close.

Latest update on Daniel Bryan

Recently, the date on which Bryan should make his landing in the AEW rings seems to have emerged, with the well-known site BodySlam, which in fact reports as the next ppv of the company and therefore All Out, is the date on which this much will arrive.

expected debut. Initially, it seemed that Bryan had to land on the rings of the second company of America in the episode of Dynamite called Grand Slam from New York City, but because of the new restrictions due to the covid, with the county where the event will be held that would already be requesting the vaccine tests to fans who have already bought tickets, the show is in some danger.

In the ring debut show of CM Punk against Darby Allin, therefore, the debut on the television screens of the company of Daniel Bryan should also arrive. So we just have to wait very, very anxiously for the next 5 September, to see if these rumors will prove to be true or not.