Awesome Kong announces retirement from wrestling

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Awesome Kong announces retirement from wrestling

Over the course of her long career, Awesome Kong has fought in the rings of almost all the major pro-wrestling companies, from WWE McMahon, where Awesome Kong was called Kharma, to the rings of TNA, now Impact Wrestling, where Kong took her first steps in a really important way, becoming a great athlete loved all over the world.

After years and years spent on the square of any company in the United States and beyond, after some brief appearances also in the rings of AEW and NWA, Awesome Kong decided to leave the world of wrestling and this time she's done it in a way definitive, confirming it, in the latest NWA PPV, EmPowerrr.

Awesome Kong announces retirement

After disappearing from the TV screens of all pro-wrestling federations in North America for a while, Awesome Kong was phased back to the NWA rings, in her latest PPV staged, with Kong arriving to the rescue of her longtime friend, Gail Kim, since the time of TNA.

Recall that for a short time, Awesome Kong was also hired by WWE, where she fought under the name of Kharma and where she became pregnant, but then lost her baby. After this small juncture, WWE preferred to release the athlete, now no longer in a position to work on an important ring like that of the Stamford-based company.

Now, however, Awesome Kong made her return to NWA EmPowerrr's TV screens, where she saved Hall of Famer TNA Gail Kim from attack by Taryn Terrell, Jennacide and Paola Blaze. After making a clean sweep of the ring, Awesome Kong and Gail Kim exchanged a very heartfelt and moved hug, with the mammoth athlete who confirmed that her career is now over here, implicitly also confirming her retirement from pro-wrestling.

After 19 years, this is how the in-ring career of the former TNA world champion seems to end, even if in the world of wrestling, we must never say never, since in the past we have had several demonstrations of athletes who have retired and then ahead at the right offer they returned to the ring to fight.

Awesome Kong has been a widely influential women's wrestler throughout the globe. She wreaked havoc and achieved success in Japan early on in her career before dominating the American wrestling scene. Kong wrestled in TNA from 2007-2010 where she became the Women’s Knockout Champion as well as Knockout Tag Team Champion. She had some classic matches in the promotion against Gail Kim and many others.