Kurt Angle presents his new custom shoes

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Kurt Angle presents his new custom shoes

Once a WWE Superstar has become very famous worldwide, even outside the world of pro-wrestling, many private sportswear companies and not only contact these Superstars to offer them some sponsorship work or the birth of some event or merchandise article dedicated to them, a bit like it also happens with other world-class sportsmen, such as footballers, tennis players, golfers or basketball players.

At the moment, WWE prohibits any kind of collaboration outside the federation, obviously not allowed by McMahons themselves, that can bring extra income and revenues to its Superstars, as well as live videos on Twitch or OnlyFans channels, reasons that have also led to the dismissal of Zelina Vega a few months ago.

Once out of the federation, however, all WWE Superstars and Legends can sign a sponsorship contract with whoever they want, as happened in recent days with WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, who has become the testimonial of a new line of shoes, totally dedicated to him and his historic catchphrase "U Suck".

With a short video posted on his Twitter account, the WWE and TNA world champion Kurt Angle, as well as the Hall of Famer of both federations, wanted to tell fans about the birth of the new line of sneakers that Garrixon wanted to dedicate to him, obviously also advertising him, encouraging his fans to buy at least a couple of pairs.

Kurt Angle has had an outstanding pro wrestling career

At the moment, the sale of this type of shoes, which in the back also features the very famous catchphrase invented by Edge, the famous "You Suck" chorus, tuned with Angle's entry music, is only available in the USA, so the rest of the fans of the WWE Hall of Famer of the rest of the world will remain dry-mouthed for the time being.

Now let's see the presentation video of the new shoes dedicated to the most famous Olympic Gold Medalist in the entire pro-wrestling world. The former WWE superstar last competed in a singles bout against Baron Corbin at WrestleMania 35, which saw Angle lose the match and ride off into the sunset.

Soon after his retirement, he transitioned into a corporate role, but the company released him from his contract in 2020. With multiple stars such as CM Punk and Daniel Bryan rumored to be making their AEW debut somewhere down the line, fans shouldn't rule out Kurt Angle gearing up for another brief stint.

On a surprising note, Kurt Angle talked about getting back in the ring again. Given how Edge returned to the squared circle even after having triple fusion neck surgery, the Olympic gold medalist could be planning on doing the unthinkable.

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