Adam Bomb Speaks About His Wraith Character

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Adam Bomb Speaks About His Wraith Character

Adam Bomb is a former WWE and WCW Superstar, and he recently spoke about his Wraith character. He had two runs in WCW. During his second run, he was known as Wraith. Adam Bomb was actually quite well-known in the professional wrestling world during that time.

He appeared on Shining Wizards to talk about knowing so many top wrestlers of his time.

Adam Bomb Speaks About Not Initially Wanting to Go to WWF

“I kind of knew everybody. Like with Sting and Luger, and Hall and Nash.

Hogan, Flair, and Bischoff… easy going man,” Adam Bomb told Shining Wizards. “To me, my experience, it was fine because we had already worked that territory up at Vince’s place so we knew what a brutal hellacious schedule was like.

And then to come to WCW and make five times the money at a lot easier pace, it was night and day. Goldberg is great. People don’t like him or whatever, but Bill has always been great to me and Brian [Adams] prior to KroniK and me even as Wrath.

Just a great guy”. Wraith found a tremendous amount of success during his second run. He had an amazing undefeated streak and even developed a modified pump-handle slam which was his finisher. The Wraith character was a Mortal Kombat-esque gimmick.

“The no-joke Wrath [was better]. I mean, I went undefeated for six or seven months, or whatever it was,” he said. “And I had that meltdown finisher. I invented it. A million people have done the pump handle but no one ever took them up and overall the way like I did, and then tuck the head and make it a slam.

You’ll see people hook that move, but they never [hook it], and a lot of people aren’t strong enough to do it. I got Meng (Haku) in it, and he was 320”. Adam then spoke about not initially wanting to be part of the WWF at that time.

“It was just KroniK, and Brian [Adams] wanted to go a lot more than I did. I told Brian, and we talked about this. I thought we should go to Japan right away. He was friends with Taker so he thought maybe we should go back to Vince,” Adam Bomb said.

“We both left there and we always had that unsettling heat. We just felt like, and I even felt like, and he did once we got there, that this was not a good idea”.