Alberto Del Rio would like to face Dominik Mysterio

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Alberto Del Rio would like to face Dominik Mysterio

Alberto Del Rio seems to have finally put his inner demons behind him. The former WWE superstar has been at the center of controversy in recent years after receiving serious allegations from his former girlfriends. Wrestling fans will surely remember her troubled relationship with Paige, which has benefited neither of them both professionally and in private life.

Del Rio has never hidden that he would like to return to being a WWE athlete, but with the recent cuts and the crisis due to the pandemic, it does not seem the right time for new hires. During a long interview with Sportskeeda, Alberto discussed a potential match between him and Dominik Mysterio.

Del Rio has in fact had the opportunity to compete with Rey several times in the past and would be happy to share the ring with the masked wrestler's son.

Alberto Del Rio has had two stints with the WWE

"I think a fight with Dominik Mysterio would be a phenomenal experience, as I have fought so many times with his father and I can assure you that he is a crazy wrestler.

This discipline runs in Dominik's blood, he only needs a little time to bring out all his talent, but I have no doubt that he will go far in WWE" - analyzed Alberto Del Rio. The Mexican then wanted to thank John Cena, as the 16-time world champion gave him numerous lessons both inside and outside the ring.

“John Cena is just great. I always say the same thing in all my interviews, but sometimes I get the impression that John isn't getting the credit he deserves. I've always been a good wrestler, but I've gotten better since the day I worked with Cena.

Each time I learned something new from him. John has the innate ability to take fans where he wants, he manages to create that whirlwind of emotions that is the basis of our business. You just have to let yourself be guided and follow his example”.

Alberto Del Rio has had two stints with the WWE with his last run ending when he was released in September 2016. The former WWE champion revealed he would be open to a WWE return and a potential Hall of Fame induction. The first thing Alberto Del Rio plans on doing after possibly re-signing with WWE is apologizing for his mistakes.

The veteran star had his fair share of backstage problems in the WWE, and Del Rio has expressed remorse about the past.

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