Liv Morgan tells a strange anecdote about Becky Lynch

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Liv Morgan tells a strange anecdote about Becky Lynch

One of the most sensational returns to the Summerslam ring was undoubtedly that of Becky Lynch, the so-called "The Man", who had been missing from the McMahon rings for more than a year, due to her first pregnancy. After taking off shortly after 2020's Money in the Bank, with the Irishwoman leaving her Raw Women's Champion title to fellow Japanese Asuka, there was no news of Becky until last week's Big Four, when Becky was returned to the WWE rings, beating none other than Bianca Belair, in the first titled match of her comeback, won in a few seconds.

This victory immediately brought Becky Lynch back to a world belt, something that many colleagues have not yet seen closely, such as Liv Morgan.

Liv Morgan opens up on Becky Lynch

In his latest interview, released in front of the cameras of Talking Smack, the Stamford Federation's secondary broadcast, which airs immediately after the blue Friday night show, former Riott Squad member Liv Morgan, who is none other than the 'last member remaining in WWE of the well-known stable of young athletes, wanted to reveal: "Want to know a little secret? When Becky Lynch left, I gave her a goodbye hug.

She whispered in my ear 'When I come back, you will be a champion' I have thought about it every single day. She is back and I am not a champion. But I'm really, really looking forward to proving she was right. Maybe not on the timing, but I will be champion and I would like to become one, beating Becky Lynch." All this, in front of the WWE TV screens, could definitely seem like a challenge launched towards the champion.

Who knows if Becky, after closing the chapter of Bianca Belair, will decide to take up this gauntlet? Lynch did not compete for another month before she was scheduled to make an announcement on the Raw after WWE Money in the Bank.

There, she revealed that she was pregnant, so she relinquished the WWE RAW Women's Championship. Though she has been away from WWE for over a year, Becky Lynch remains one of the company's most popular stars. Moreover, in the past few weeks, fans have been chanting for Becky frequently, especially in segments and matches featuring Charlotte Flair, who directly addressed these chants on the episode of WWE RAW after Money in the Bank this year.

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