*Spoiler* Reason behind Bronson Reed's release revealed

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*Spoiler* Reason behind Bronson Reed's release revealed

Many Superstars have been released in the last year by Vince McMahon and among these the name of Bronson Reed, who had made himself known in the last year for having performed very well in that of NXT, which now seems close to embarking on a new road, with a new project wanted by the WWE Chairman.

Reed was fired last August 6 and Bully Ray thought about him, who wanted in a certain way to defend the one who, according to the latest rumors, was fired at the behest of McMahon and Bruce Prichard himself.

Bronson Reed immediately commented on his release

Speaking to Busted Open Radio's microphones, Bully Ray admitted rumors circulated that Vince McMahon's will predominated over the former champion's release.

The choice would have been made following a little conviction of the chief about the scenic aspect of the wrester. Here is an excerpt from the words of the Legend: "Vince McMahon probably looked at Bronson Reed and thought maybe he was too 'burly' Vince McMahon wants athletes who can leverage their physique as if they belong completely on TV.

I have never been extremely convinced of any of this." After these words, Bully wanted to admit how much for him Reed is a great athlete and that he finds no explanation for the release of the former North American champion.

Bronson Reed has also been joined by another wrestling legend: Bam Bam Bigelow, complete with praise according to which he could have become a Super Heavyweight without any problem. Furthermore, to conclude, we report that there have been rumors according to which Vince would not have appreciated Reed during a training session at the Performance Center, not considering it a suitable product for Raw or SmackDown.

And do you think Bronson Reed would have been useful to WWE? Or would using him have represented yet another meteor in the federation as often happened with other athletes from the Triple H and Shawn Michaels show? Let us know with a comment.

He stated that he was initially shocked and upset, but he is trying to be positive. "I just wanted to reach out to you guys, and I'm just very thankful," said Reed. "The love and support that I've received online are just incredible.

I was trending on Twitter, and that means a lot to me that a lot of you feel for me and will still continue to follow me no matter what."