*Spoiler* How did WWE manage to hide Becky Lynch's return?

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*Spoiler* How did WWE manage to hide Becky Lynch's return?

One of the most sensational shots fired by the WWE in recent weeks was certainly the one dedicated to its female sector, which saw The Man return to perform in the Summerslam ring, just over a week ago. After more than a year of absence, Becky Lynch has thus returned to appear on the television screens of the McMahon company, which have made her one of the undisputed queens of the pro-wrestling world in recent years, so much so that she is one of the highest-paid women of the whole world of discipline.

Already on the evening of her return, Becky managed to snatch the Friday Night Smackdown champion belt from Bianca Belair, in a flash match that shocked all the fans present at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, but also all the fans of the WWE Universe connected from home, around the world.

As it turns out, plenty of insiders, just like WWE Universe fans, were unaware of WWE's plans, so many of the wrestlers and crew members were also surprised as much as the fans, especially since WWE had in addition to the title victory, the return of the athlete was also kept hidden.

Backstage news on Becky Lynch

As revealed in the last few hours by the well-known overseas site, Fightful, which brings to the stage a weekly podcast, called Fightful Select, in fact: "Becky Lynch's name didn't appear on the inside sheets running the show and there were a few segments that were added to WWE Summerslam to fix the missing time of Sasha Banks vs Bianca Belair, which ultimately no longer went on stage." Thanks to the absence of Sasha Banks, apparently not fit to fight on Summerslam evening, Becky Lynch was able to make her return with great fanfare to the McMahon-owned rings that made her very famous in the world of discipline, making her enter the Olympus of the most important wrestlers in all of the recent history of WWE.

In this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reported that some people in the company believe Lynch was inspired to turn heel after watching Reigns' impressive performance as WWE's top antagonist on SmacKDown.

Meltzer also added that most performers consider being a heel 'more fun.' "Lynch had asked to return as a heel. Some have said in the company she was inspired by Reigns, and the reality is to many, being a heel is more fun," Meltzer revealed in the Newsletter.

"Of course, the last time she tried to go heel, she became the most popular wrestler in the company and the h*ttest woman wrestling star the company had ever had. Maybe it's just a personal challenge because from a business standpoint the move makes zero sense."