*Spoiler* Daniel Bryan's debut in AEW should be postponed

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*Spoiler* Daniel Bryan's debut in AEW should be postponed

All Elite Wrestling is now launched at high speed in the world of American and world pro-wrestling and the last huge hit of the market in recent months was to ensure the in-ring and microphone performances of one of the most loved wrestlers of the last 15 years of WWE: CM Punk.

Like a bolt from the blue, in fact, Punk appeared in the second episode of the AEW story of Rampage, a new one-hour show on Friday night from the company of the Khan family, with the sensational debut of the Second City Savior of Chicago who literally brought down the arena in which the event was broadcast.

Now, another great ex-WWE name is missing, which is that of Daniel Bryan, Punk colleague right in the McMahon-owned rings and who according to the latest rumors circulated on the net in the last month, should have already signed an agreement with the company of the Khans and which should therefore also make its debut either at Dynamite or in one of the next PPVs of the number two company of America.

In recent weeks, the rumor had emerged that the former WWE Champion, whose contract with WWE ended a few months ago, had emerged to make his AEW ring debut at All Out, the company's next ppv which will air next Sunday.

Latest update on Daniel Bryan

Apparently, according to what was revealed in one of the latest Bryan Alvarez Newsletters, aired on the microphones of the Wrestling Observer, the plans may have changed.

In his latest update, Dave Meltzer's well-known colleague said: "This is what I can tell you about Daniel Bryan. I was told he was going to debut at All Out. I can't tell you 99.9999% anymore, because I was told he was going to debut in Queens (New York), from a certain source.

Now it looks like he's no longer making his Queens debut. There has been a change. I believe this change has been in the past though. Now I think they will keep All Out as the date for his debut but I can't confirm it at 99.9999%, because there is always something that can change everything, you know how things do in New York.

The story is, however, that until a couple of days ago, the intention was to make Daniel Bryan debut at All Out and I can confirm this. Now, at this point, whether it was two days ago or another three days ago doesn't change the idea they had of Bryan Danielson." Daniel Bryan's WWE status has been one of the h*ttest topics of discussion over the last few months.

After main-eventing Night Two of WrestleMania 37, Daniel Bryan lost to Roman Reigns in April and was "banished" from SmackDown.