Alexa Bliss increasingly attracted to a future in cinema


Alexa Bliss increasingly attracted to a future in cinema

Alexa Bliss made her debut on the WWE main roster in 2016. Ever since she took her first steps at the company, she has been heralded as a prominent name and it didn't take long for her to become the new champion of Smackdown.

Bliss also enjoyed great success after her move to Raw, having so far won five women's titles and several tag team belts. Alexa also held the Money in the Bank briefcase, testifying to how much the Stamford federation has always believed in her talent.

Last year on SmackDown we witnessed her transformation into an evil entity, which allowed her to create a storyline with 'The Fiend' Bray Wyatt. In the course of a recent interview with 'ET' microphones, she did not rule out that she wanted to try the adventure in the cinema once her path in WWE has finished.

Her will is to follow in the footsteps of John Cena, Batista and The Rock, who have used the popularity gained through wrestling to gain a hold in Hollywood.

Alexa Bliss scares WWE fans

“WWE will always be my home, I want to make it clear.

My heart will always remain in this company, but one day I'd like to see what outlets I would have if I started acting. To be more specific, I've been working with an acting master for the past ten months. I have to admit that I had a lot of fun and I don't rule out that this could be my future.

I would be delighted to give it a try if future circumstances permit. It would definitely be a dream come true for me” - revealed Alexa Bliss. After Bray Wyatt's departure, Bliss introduced a doll named 'Lilly' to the WWE universe, but that choice did not appeal to fans.

Despite the frequent grumbling in the arenas, it must be said, however, that the Alexa doll is having excellent results in terms of sales on the WWE Shop. One more reason to continue on this path. If the feud between Eva Marie and Alexa Bliss continues then it's likely that Doudrop could decide to switch sides.

This could lead to the former Women's Champion gaining a new ally. Doudrop has shown that she can go on to be a legitimate contender on Monday Night RAW. If Bliss wants to have someone to watch her back, then she would definitely be a perfect choice.

Alongside Eva Marie, Doudrop will always be seen as her enforcer. However, Bliss and Lily could be there to help the former NXT UK star not only find a way to get her away from Marie but also allow her to have her old name back.

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