Samoa Joe illustrates the process of hiring new superstars in WWE

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Samoa Joe illustrates the process of hiring new superstars in WWE

WWE was forced to release several NXT superstars earlier this month, including the likes of Bronson Reed, Bobby Fish and Mercedes Martinez. According to some rumors, Vince McMahon's company is no longer looking for talents who do not have the credentials to become champions.

Triple H and Shawn Michaels, who have played a huge backstage role in recent years, were not involved in the wave of layoffs that hit the 'Black and Gold' brand. The harsh effects of the global pandemic have also impoverished the WWE coffers, although the company has managed to follow up on the shows thanks to the controversial creation of the ThunderDome.

The hope is that the return to normal will not suffer further interruptions and that the recovery process will be completed in 2022. In a recent interview with 'TalkSport', Samoa Joe explained in detail how the recruitment of new superstars in WWE works.

Joe, who returned to the federation in June after being released, is part of the young talent development team.

Samoa Joe illustrates the process of hiring new superstars in WWE

“There are usually several rounds of hiring in which various types of athletes come together.

They range from independent circuit talents to simple wrestlers if you know what I mean. These directives often change in relation to the needs of the company in that particular historical period. Now WWE is looking for guys who are a little younger and have a strong athletic component, which isn't terrible at all, but I don't rule out that the strategy can be upset if the company's needs change.

Vince McMahon gives us a set of directions and we get the job done,” Samoa Joe explained. Samoa also revealed that the recent audition held in Las Vegas was a success, having allowed WWE to sign 14 new talent. “We are focusing above all on those guys who - according to our point of view - have what it takes to become strong attractions at the box office in a short period of time,” he commented.

During an interview for the Daily Star, Samoa Joe revealed Brock Lesnar wants his matches to be violent fights. Joe added that the two clicked well as they stepped into the ring looking for destruction and chaos: “I think it really comes down to the simple fact that, when Brock shows up for fight night, he wants to be in a scrap.

He wants to go out there and he wants someone who is going to smash someone in the face, and he wants to smash somebody back! Brock knew he had that with me – he understood, and I understood I had to have that with Brock," said Samoa Joe.