Could Roman Reigns become the new Hulk Hogan?

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Could Roman Reigns become the new Hulk Hogan?

The character that WWE is focusing on in the Friday Night Smackdown rings is undoubtedly the absolute champion of the Friday night show: Roman Reigns. Exactly one year after the victory of his last belt, kept like this for 365 days, the Tribal Chief has shown to the whole WWE Universe and to all the insiders that he knows how to entertain even with a decidedly different attitude from that which the public always has.

met with him. After working alongside Paul Heyman for over a year, both on-screen and off-screen, Roman Reigns would now also have a showdown with the former protégé of his mentor, Brock Lesnar, back in that same day.

Summerslam, one year after his return. Now, it is not yet known what date, Brock will try to return to reign on a WWE roster, going to snatch the title from the champion of the blue show, most likely in Saudi Arabia, home of the next Crown Jewel.

Jimmy Hart recently spoke to Wrestling Inc's Brian Wohl. The legendary WWE manager opined that Roman Reigns could match Hulk Hogan's exploits in pro wrestling. At the peak of his powers, Hulk Hogan's popularity transcended the wrestling business.

Hogan headlined most major WWE pay-per-view events during the 1980s and was the most over babyface of his generation.

Backstage News on Roman Reigns

In his latest interview, McMahon's historic Hall of Famer, the "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, for years alongside the legendary WWE Immortal, Hulk Hogan, also wanted to congratulate the Tribal Chief (Roman Reigns), saying to the microphones of Wrestling Inc: "Vince McMahon, many but many years ago told me in Poughkeepsie, New York, 'Jimmy, I'm looking for the next big attraction.

Someone who can enter any airport in the world and any casual wrestling fan can recognize him.' He made it clear that a casual fan could recognize him, even though he rarely watched TV. 'So I could take him to the Today Show, the Tonight Show and they could talk to this guest about whatever they want, without being able to embarrass any company.

Then I could push him for three or four months on TV and make millions of dollars worth of merchandise." Pressed on this point of view, Jimmy Hart was finally asked the fateful question, "Who do you think the next Hulk Hogan is or the one who has the IT FACTOR, just like Hogan?" and to that question, Jimmy replied: "Hulk had it.

Rock had it. Stone Cold had it. John Cena had it. In whom do you see it now? I think you have a shot from home plate right in front of you."