*Spoiler* WWE isn't intent on pushing Jinder Mahal

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*Spoiler* WWE isn't intent on pushing Jinder Mahal

On the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, a match between Bobby Lashley and Sheamus without title and a match between Eva Marie and Doudrop was announced. But let's get started right away! The show opens with new Us Champion Damien Priest welcoming us back and returning on title win at SummerSlam.

Priest claims he wants to wear this title with honor, unlike that 'coward' Bobby Lashley who ran away last week. Priest calls an Open Challenge and asks who wants to challenge him! Sheamus immediately comes out who agrees with him on Lashley but says he is here to take back the title.

However, Drew Mcintyre enters and states that the US Championship is the only title he is missing. Bobby Lashley and MVP complete the work and the two agree that it would be interesting a challenge with Priest that could make The All Mighty two-time champion.

Enter the RK-Bro insulting Lashley, they reply that they might want the title of a couple and Riddle even unwittingly accepts! O Enter Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville who sanction the match! There will be a duo title match between RK-Bro and Bobby Lashley and MVP and a Triple Threat Match where Priest will defend the title against Drew McIntyre and Sheamus.

One of the big issues with the RAW Tag Team division is the incredible lack of tag teams overall. This week on RAW, The Viking Raiders faced Jinder Mahal and Veer. First matches of the evening We see Rhea Ripley enter the ring RHEA RIPLEY VS SHAYNA BASZLER The two are accompanied respectively by Nikki Ash and Nia Jax.

The Viking Raiders faced Jinder Mahal and Veer

She takes the microphone before the match and says that she will destroy all the opponents. Shayna starts well and traps the opponent's arm and hits Rhea, she reacts and Shayna hits with a Suplex and kicks and various hits to the opponent, good performance by Shayna who denbra to have control, but Rhea reacts again, meanwhile, Nia hits Nikki Ash out of the ring, in the match Shayna tries the roll up that Rhea turns and wins the victory (in my opinion undeserved today).

At the end of the race, Nia's attack against Rhea and Samoan Drop. JINDER MAHAL AND VEER VS VIKING RAIDERS (ERIK AND IVAR) Start Ivar and Veer, slowly the Vikings seem to have the advantage, but Mahal reacts and reverses the situation, Erik intervenes who gets the Tag and sends aversion to the corner, the Heel are in difficulties and in a short time Ivar and Erik work as a couple and beat Jinder Mahal.

Jinder Mahal