*Spoiler* Damian Priest defended the United States title

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*Spoiler* Damian Priest defended the United States title

On the one hand, we see Drew Mcintyre warming up and playing with his sword as he prepares for the match. TRIPLE THREAT MATCH (FOR UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP) BETWEEN DAMIAN PRIEST (C), SHEAMUS AND DREW MCINTYRE We start strong with the two Faces that seem to ally on Sheamus who immediately rolls out of the ring, blows after blows and Drew's Chop on Damian in the match, on returning from advertising we see Sheamus throwing himself headlong on Damian Priest while The Scottish Psychopath was out of the ring, meanwhile in the ring Priest removes the mask from Sheamus who struggles to fix everything, meanwhile, Priest continues the attack on Sheamus and hits him with elbows and a Big Elbow, Drew McIntyre returns hitting both at the same time.

After the commercial, we see Drew McIntyre and Sheamus hitting each other with Chop and strokes, Drew tries to close the opponent, but Celtic Warrior hits with an Alabama Slam.

Damian Priest kicked off RAW this week

Damian Priest returns and hits Sheamus and tries to close but Drew McIntyre intervenes and blocks everything.

Sheamus hits Drew with the White Noise but it is only two and the wrestler gets angry with the referee, Priest attacks Sheamus but Drew intervenes who throws Sheamus out of the ring, McIntyre tries the Claymore on the opponent, but Priest avoids and hits him with the Reckoning!

1..2..3! Priest remains champion. At the end of the race, Damian Priest and Drew McIntyre look at each other and shake hands, great investiture and victory for the former NXT. After the commercial we see a Recap of what happened to SummerSlam, then Goldberg appears in the video saying that he will need knee surgery and that he will come back later but not for the title but to take the soul of Bobby Lashley after what he did to his son.

The usual curious 24/7 title segment arrives with Reggie, R-Truth, Reginald and Akira Tozawa struggling with bizarre situations but Reggie manages to keep the title. We see Eva Marie getting ready for the match. When she returns from the commercial, Eva Marie arrives at her, but Doudrop attacks her behind her and knocks her out with several blows.

The wrestler is unleashed and knocks her down, Chad Patton is forced to call an end to the match. Doudrop takes the microphone and announces himself as a winner! It was a bit surprising to see Drew McIntyre getting pinned on RAW, but the reason for it was perhaps because WWE wants to continue a feud with Sheamus heading into Extreme Rules or a Champion vs Champion match vs Bobby Lashley.

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