*Spoiler* WWE is finally getting it right with Karrion Kross


*Spoiler* WWE is finally getting it right with Karrion Kross

HUMBERTO CARRILLO VS KARRION KROSS Humberto starts well with some kicks, back suplex and immediately tries to count the opponent, very aggressive enough to receive a referee warning, Karrion Kross reacts and hits with a Chinlock, then Suplex grits and various moves, Humberto tries to answer but Karrion closes the opponent in the KrossJacket and wins!

Backstage Nia Jax verbally attacks Charlotte Flair, then we see RK-Bro, while Riddle jokes as usual Orton gets serious and says they have to keep the title tonight. WWE is finally getting it right with Karrion Kross after starting off wrong.

The rumors of Karrion Kross losing being a message to NXT seems to be true, as he is now getting pushed. When superstars don't have a program going on, it's good to have squash matches against smaller stars. It's a tried and tested formula to get stars over.

However, it's only going to get him over to a certain extent. For now, he's being pushed right on RAW.

Humberto Carrillo was Karrion Kross' victim

Karrion Kross started off strong but took a crossbody for a near fall from Carrillo on RAW.

Karrion returned with a suplex and tried for a cover before sending Humberto into the corner as RAW continued. Carrillo hit a big double dropkick in the corner before Kross got the Northern Lights Suplex for a near fall. We're still not sure why Alexa Bliss wasn't on RAW.

She was scheduled to appear to confront Charlotte Flair in their newly-started title feud. However, Nia Jax ended up taking that spot and defeated The Queen in a non-title match. Jax was at ringside during the Rhea Ripley-Shayna Baszler match and she took out Nikki A.S.H.

This was in preparation for her non-title bout against Charlotte Flair. CHARLOTTE FLAIR VS NIA JAX Nia immediately tries to use her physique to take advantage, Charlotte moves sideways and hits her with kicks. Nia tries to choke Charlotte and sends her to the ropes, Charlotte's Dragon Sleeper and NeckBreaker.

Nia hits the opponent with a Spinebuster and we see a very balanced but quite strange match, at the end Nia Jax's ChokeSlam that surprises the daughter of art and gets the winning pin. The babyfaces ganged up on Sheamus to kick off the match.

Priest took down the Irishman, and the fight spilled to the ringside area. Sheamus momentarily dominated McIntyre, but Priest tossed the former US Champion over the barricade. McIntyre and Priest now set their sights on each other.

Following the break, Sheamus was back in control as he attempted a pin on the champion. The Archer of Infamy tried to snatch off the mask of Sheamus like SummerSlam 2021, but that plan failed.

Karrion Kross