*Spoiler* The Miz mysteriously absent on Raw

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*Spoiler* The Miz mysteriously absent on Raw

Backstage we see John Morrison complaining about The Miz and his recent behavior, he has promised and wants to prove that he is the best so on Monday, he challenged the greatest man he knows, namely Omos. JOHN MORRISON VS OMOS Omos immediately throws the opponent into the corner with Morrison who tries to exploit the movements but is easily managed by the giant who hits Morrison with a kick and then with a Chokebomb, a very quick victory for the wrestler.

The main event of WWE Raw saw the Tag Team titles being defended. The champions Randy Orton and Riddle aka RK-Bro took on the team of WWE Champion Bobby Lashley and MVP. Orton took out both MVP and Lashley. However, MVP tagged in Orton and Lashley attacked Orton viciously.

Lashley was going for the Hurt Lock, which was turned into an RKO, but before Orton could hit it, Orton was sent to the corner and Riddle tagged in.

John Morrison was originally scheduled to face The Miz

John Morrison was originally scheduled to face The Miz on Raw.

For some reason, The Miz wasn't there. Instead, Johnny drip decided to have the biggest challenge possible - literally. That big challenge happened to be the giant Omos. Understandably, it was a squash match that saw Omos pick up an easy victory.

We're not sure why WWE halted the Miz-Morrison feud, but we wonder whether it's the same reason as to why Alexa Bliss didn't appear. Meanwhile, we see Xavier Woods make his entrance into the ring. AJ STYLES VS XAVIER WOODS Immediately big Elbow by Xavier Woods that attacks opponent and sends him to the corner, AJ responds directly from the ground, hits him first with the forearm and then with a Dropkick between the ropes, The Phenomenal One becomes overwhelming and tries to count it , but Xavier avoids r connects with an Enzuigiri Kick, body shots but AJ blocks and applies the Calf Killer to the center of the ring, after a while Xavier Woods is forced to give up.

Soon after, former champion Sheamus showed up and demanded his rematch. As Priest brushed him off, former WWE Champion Drew Mcintyre showed up in championship pursuit. The Scottish Warrior said he never held the US title and would love to.

There were talks of a triple-threat match between the three men as the music of current WWE Champion Bobby Lashley hit. He showed up with his manager and mentor, MVP. After MVP, the music of the new RAW Tag Team champions hit.

Team RK-Bro came out to huge applause. Riddle and Randy Orton entertained the crowd as the latter called Lashley, “a greedy son of a b***h,” who wanted a second championship.

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