Goldberg is no longer interested in the WWE Championship

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Goldberg is no longer interested in the WWE Championship

Goldberg’s appearance at SummerSlam ended with a stalemate. Not only was his match against Bobby Lashley interrupted due to a knee injury suffered by Bill, but 'The All Mighty' even attacked Gage (Goldberg's son) after the bell rang.

The feeling of fans and insiders is that their feud is not over yet. It is in fact speculated that Goldberg could make its return in October on the occasion of Crown Jewel, the pay-per-view that will take place in Saudi Arabia.

It will likely not be a WWE title bout, which would allow the Stamford federation to concede the victory to Goldberg. The contract that binds the latter to Vince McMahon's company will expire in 2023 and includes two matches a year for the former Universal champion.

Bill had already fought in early 2021 against Drew McIntyre, by whom he had been clearly beaten at the Royal Rumble.

Goldberg reflects on his WWE future

WWE cameras also followed Goldberg in the days following SummerSlam 2021.

It was there that Bill revealed that he was no longer looking for the WWE Championship. “What I'm interested in is that dirty son of a bitch Bobby Lashley, who got dirty with a horrible gesture at SummerSlam. Gage's shoulder is really shattered, his neck hurts and he has pain all over his body.

My focus has definitely changed in the last few days, I am no longer interested in the WWE title. I want Bobby Lashley's soul and I'll rip it straight out of his chest" - said Goldberg. In the event to be held in Riyadh in the fall, WWE will therefore propose the second act of this heated rivalry.

"As if it were not already obvious, some sources close to WWE confirm that the rematch between Goldberg and Bobby Lashley will take place in Saudi Arabia in October" - reported the site 'Wrestle Votes' SummerSlam will be remembered as the PPV of big returns, with Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar having a surprise reappearance.

The WWE Hall of Famer didn't have a great night at SummerSlam as he lost his title match against Bobby Lashley via referee stoppage due to a leg injury. But what happened afterwards was noteworthy as Lashley started assaulting Goldberg.

This led to his son Gage entering the ring to save his father but instead got destroyed by the WWE Champion himself. We are definitely heading towards a rematch between Bobby Lashley and Goldberg somewhere down the line.