A big match on Raw has raised controversy on the web

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A big match on Raw has raised controversy on the web

Raw has now become the most criticized WWE show because according to many people the quality of the episodes is no longer what it once was, in fact, there is a clear preference towards SmackDown. This time the victim of criticism is a match of the women's division, which currently does not sail in excellent waters on the red show, in fact, SmackDown is in much better shape, especially after the landing of a returning Becky Lynch.

This was a very interesting night for the Irresistible Force, who first accompanied their partner Shayna Baszler to ringside to support her against Rhea Ripley and then faced Charlotte Flair in a match.

Raw: What went wrong with Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair?

Nia immediately proved very threatening, both during her speech on the microphone alongside Shayna, threatening Rhea and Nikki and Charlotte before attacking the first two at the end of the match and in her entrance for the match against the Queen.

The dispute started off as quietly as a match, but it is clear, following closely, how at some point the atmosphere has completely changed, with the two starting to provoke each other and exchange some slaps and some moves that are not at all clean on a technical level and moral.

Nia Jax proved as usual a force of nature that destroys everything in its path, while Charlotte tried to do her job without risking being hurt by the Samoan who is not new in the field of injuries, in fact, she has often hurt her colleagues.

The result is a match that in the jargon is called "shoot", or when things do not go according to plan and the athletes involved begin to really fight each other also offering a bad show. In the end, however, it is Nia Jax who wins by pinning the champion cleanly.

Probably, but these are just speculations, during the dispute Charlotte Flair got mad at her colleague for some dangerous move she made and so the two really started fighting each other completely forgetting what they really had to do.

We just have to wait to see where this story ends, with Nia Jax saying during Raw Talk that this victory will surely give her a titled opportunity that will allow her to become champion. RK-Bro and MVP & Lashley had a staredown before Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville walked out.

The duo said that they had two big matches right there and set up a triple threat title defense for Priest with Drew and Sheamus while RK-Bro would face Lashley & MVP with the tag team titles on the line in the main event of the show.