There could be big changes for Drew McIntyre


There could be big changes for Drew McIntyre

In recent weeks, there has been a great Monday Night Raw athlete who has been a little burned by his defeats in that of the red brand, with his last really important victory being the one for the title, in his last defense, before Bobby Lashley arrived like a boulder to knock him down, and then had The Miz cash in the briefcase, thus becoming WWE Champion for the second time.

Obviously, as you may have guessed, we are talking about the Scottish WWE fighter, Drew McIntyre, who after losing his last title has almost never achieved any major victories, except with the former world champion of Indian origins of the company, Jinder Mahal.

To all this, however, there could be an explanation, which is promptly pointed out by the usual Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, who with a wise analysis of the current situation and the Scotsman's progress, seems to have found the most valid reason for the continuous defeats of McIntyre in the Raw rings.

Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley had an intense rivalry

As hypothesized in the last Newsletter of the Wrestling Observer, the well-known overseas journalist, Dave Meltzer, seems to have found an ideal solution to explain what happened to the much loved Drew McIntyre, with the most captivating and most sensible hypothesis, even according to many.

fan, which is the one that Drew McIntyre may soon be drafting at Smackdown, with the usual annual late summer/early fall draft. According to the well-known journalist, in fact, the sound clean defeats that came in the latest episodes, including tonight's against Damian Priest, would have clearly opened his future on the blue side of the company.

After also losing to Bobby Lashley, whose title can no longer be won by McIntyre as long as it is in the hands of the All Mighty, it seems that all the clues lead to final closure in the Raw rings for him. By now, the creative plans for him on the company's flagship show seem to be over and Meltzer seems certain that soon, probably as early as October, Drew McIntyre will be one of the biggest names in the Draft, who will switch from Raw to Smackdown.

So we just have to wait a few weeks to understand if what the well-known journalist hypothesized is true or not. The Scotsman believed that the rivalry was an opportunity to elevate Bobby Lashley and establish him as a physically dominant champion.

The Scottish Warrior acknowledged that Lashley had paid his dues and deserved to succeed as WWE Champion. “I had an opportunity to help cement Bobby as champion, and to do that for a top-level performer was an honor. I’m extremely happy for him, he’s someone that earned and deserves all his success,” said Drew McIntyre.

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