Riddle admits to continuing to smoke weed

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Riddle admits to continuing to smoke weed

In WWE, several athletes of the past and present make extensive use of cannabis and marijuana products and although WWE has a Wellness Program that prohibits any use of drugs, light or heavy, these athletes still continue to use them.

products, since they only risk a hefty fine for these behaviors unlike the other more harmful substances, which lead to suspension and then dismissal if you continue over time. Among the many who in the course of their careers have admitted to making extensive use of these substances, there are also important well-known personalities, such as Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton, Sabu, and even Riddle, the current champion of Monday Night Raw, together with Orton.

In the course of several interviews, Riddle also admitted how he was fired from the UFC, earlier in his career, precisely because he continued to use marijuana in his everyday life and this was not allowed at all by the most important MMA company in the world.

Riddle's main roster run hit a milestone at SummerSlam

Riddle's main roster run hit a milestone at SummerSlam when the Original Bro won the RAW Tag Team Championships with Randy Orton. This was Riddle's second championship on the main roster, having won the United States Championship earlier this year at the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view.

Riddle has also been front and center on RAW, getting a rub from John Cena during a recent promo segment, and working with top stars on the red brand such as Randy Orton and AJ Styles. In his latest interview with CBS Sports, the current champion of Raw's tag team division, he wanted to address the cannabis discourse once again, saying: "For me, it was difficult because I was fired from the UFC for my lifestyle and was punished.

There were a lot of people who stopped me and said, 'Oh, you're a loser. You got fired.' It was brutal for me, I was like a filter. I was trying to find an agreement between some things and act as a filter for others, with some people.

There were people I thought were nice and that happened in the UFC and with my lifestyle and all that. Now, I live my life the way I want and keep doing what I want. Now, I'm at the top of this business. Just be yourself and it will all come in time.

For me, it was like that. I have been destroyed and during my journey, there have been times when I would have changed who I am, but I would have become truly miserable. The more I am myself, the more people are able to relate to me.

It feels great to be yourself even when you get fired from the UFC or can't find a job early in your career. The juice is hard to get out and I now have proof that it was right."