Backstage details on the first-ever Queen of the Ring tournament

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Backstage details on the first-ever Queen of the Ring tournament

In the history of WWE, there is one tournament that more than any other has remained in the hearts of fans, especially since the winner of that tournament usually always becomes a great Superstar of the company, see "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

We are obviously talking about the King of the Ring, which gave birth to many main eventers of the Stamford-based company and which will almost certainly soon have its female version, which will obviously be called (apparently) "Queen of the Ring" and most likely it will be staged in October.

If at the moment everything seemed to be just a very concrete rumor, despite the fact that several internal WWE sources and several important journalists from the pro-wrestling world have already talked about it, now the concrete officiality seems to have arrived with an action carried out by WWE in the last days, or the payment of government taxes on the purchase of rights to the name of the event, albeit different from what it should have been.

WWE is getting closer and closer to the Queen of the Ring

WWE is reportedly going to hold its first-ever Queen of the Ring tournament this year. It is set to kick-off on the October 8th episode of Friday Night SmackDown and continue on the October 11th edition of Monday Night RAW.

As reported in the last few hours by the well-known site Heel by Nature, which always deals with "spying" the WWE whenever the Stamford company acquires new rights on the names of its events or those of its athletes, apparently the McMahons are said to have officialized the coming of the tournament entirely dedicated to its women, buying the rights to a special name.

On the day of August 27th, a name similar to the event was purchased in the special US patent office and entered the US office register by right on August 30th. On that occasion, WWE bought the name of "Queen's Crown Tournament", which is not that of "Queen of the Ring Tournament", but it will most likely refer to that.

Of course, needless to say, there is already a Monday Night Raw fighter who has claimed the tournament win, as she has been self-proclaimed queen of all of WWE for years. We are obviously talking about Charlotte Flair, world champion of the red roster, who recently interviewed about the possible birth of this return, said that obviously there will be no challenge with her colleagues, because she will be the undisputed winner of the Queen of the Ring, so as to prove that she is truly the undisputed Queen of the pro-wrestling world.