Did a furious Vince McMahon tear up the Raw script?

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Did a furious Vince McMahon tear up the Raw script?

It was clear in the eyes of all the fans how the Monday, August 30th episode of Monday Night Raw has undergone several changes (due to Vince McMahon), because practically the WWE had announced three matches that were either disrupted or even canceled.

Obviously, this decision takes a bit of value from the work of the creative team, which is not only paid to do their job but still uses their strength to try to offer a good product to the public. Unfortunately, it is evident in this historical moment that we are living in professional wrestling, as for the Stamford company there is a clear difference between the red and the blue brand that perhaps they would need the Draft also to shuffle the cards, or rather the athletes, on the table.

Right now there is a need for solid storylines and maybe the Draft could bring together athletes with great potential from this point of view.

Did a furious Vince McMahon tear up the Raw script?

According to what was reported by the well-known American site PW Insider, Monday was one of the longest and most difficult for the WWE creative team since recent memory is known.

The greatest contribution to making this whole adventure practically hell on earth was obviously that of Vince McMahon who could not resist the temptation to upset everything. These are the words reported by PW Insider: "Vince McMahon, extremely unhappy with the original plans for Monday Night Raw," ripped the script "several times, including the original plan and then the initial rewrite."

Obviously, the Chairman has been in the business for some time so you may think he knows his stuff, but the opinion of those who look at the product, or the WWE Universe, is still important because it is the fans who bring ratings and money and judging by what you read around, they are not fully happy with what is happening on Raw.

Surely upsetting the plans at the last is a double-edged sword. Ric Flair has disclosed details about the final conversation he had with Vince McMahon before leaving WWE. Flair, 72, is widely regarded as one of the greatest pro wrestling stars of all time.

He received his release from WWE on August 3, 2021, after working for the company in a non-wrestling capacity for the last nine years. “I talked to Vince after it was over and I just said, ‘Whatever paths our lives take us, we’re always gonna be brothers.’ He said, ‘You’re damn right.’” revealed Flair.