James Ellsworth Speaks About Receiving a WWE Contract

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James Ellsworth Speaks About Receiving a WWE Contract

James Ellsworth is a former WWE Superstar and he recently spoke about receiving his first WWE contract on the It’s My House podcast. James Ellsworth is very well-known for stealing the Money in the Bank Briefcase during one storyline.

That storyline took place in 2017. He apparently stole the briefcase for Carmella. “It worked. And what I mean by work is people, maybe your self included, think that they did that second Money in the Bank ladder match two weeks later on SmackDown because they got so much backlash – which is not true at all,” Ellsworth said.

James Ellsworth Speaks About Getting a WWE Contract

“They knew they were going to do the second one before we ever did the first. It was Vince’s idea. Vince goes, ‘We got to get some heat on Carmella and Ellsworth’, because, at the house shows we were getting cheered, me and Carmella.

We were coming out at the house shows and people just remember me being goofy with AJ. Carmella is a beautiful woman and she’s entertaining, so we’re getting cheered. “So he’s like, ‘We need to get some heat on them,'” Ellsworth recalled.

“‘I want Carmella to start getting a push.’ So the way we get the heat was Ellsworth climbs the ladder, he gives her the briefcase, and then we’ll get a lot of backlash for it, but then we’ll pop a rating on SmackDown because we’ll have another one where she kind of grabs that herself, but this will be like her big moment.

And he was right. He was right about it all. That was the most talked about moment from that pay-per-view. And then the Smackdown that we did a week or two later, that second one 600,000 more people watched that Smackdown than the week before.

He’s a genius whenever he feels like being a genius”. James didn’t start his WWE career as a performer. He was just working as one of Adam Rose’s Rosebuds. He once got squashed by former WWE superstar Braun Strowman and that led to him getting a WWE contract.

He spoke about what Vince McMahon said to him during that time. “It’s funny you bring up the internet wrestling community, and the memes, and all the support, which I appreciated. That’s not what [got me hired by WWE].

It’s that day when I wrestled Strowman,” James Ellsworth said. “After I was done in the match, Vince McMahon was looking for me and when he found me, he shook my hand. He said, ‘Great job out there! I’m going to hire you.’ And I thought he was kidding, I was like, ‘Oh, thank you.’ He said, ‘I’ll be in touch.’ He thought for a while what am I going to do with this guy? He thought I cut a good promo, I sold well, he thought I looked different.