Alexa Bliss responds to fans after missing Raw

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Alexa Bliss responds to fans after missing Raw

One of the most important characters that have long characterized the Monday Night Raw roster is undoubtedly Alexa Bliss. The wrestler arrived months ago with Bray Wyatt The Fiend in the red roster and with this new character she has made fans of the WWE Universe 'fall in love'

A lot of curiosity and interest has brought the wrestler and recently the Lilly doll, a detail certainly not gone unnoticed in recent months. With the farewell of Bray Wyatt Alexa gradually became one of the leading characters of WWE and Raw and the segments that saw her presence were among those that generated the most plays.

Now for the past few weeks, it has seemed like The Goddess of the WWE has targeted Charlotte Flair and the women's title but this week it didn't.

Alexa Bliss' message on social media

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw Alexa Bliss did not participate in the show, no segment and not even a minute in the three hours of duration of one of the two main shows of the best wrestling company in the world.

This thing has certainly generated curiosity and alarmism among fans with several followers who have turned to social networks and sent messages with requests for explanations to Lexi Kaufman, the real name of Alexa Bliss.

Through her Twitter account, Alexa replied to fans and clarified that she was actually in Oklahoma too (Raw headquarters for tonight) but that she did not participate in the episode. At the same time, when asked about any health problems or anything else, Lexi clarified that 'everything is okay, I have no problem.'

Recently Alexa Bliss scared WWE fans by talking about the future. The beautiful wrestler revealed that she loves the company and feels like her in the family but at the same time that she would like to start an acting career in the future and that for the past ten months she has worked with an acting teacher.

The Miz was also scheduled to appear on the show and was going to wrestle John Morrison. The former WWE Champion didn't appear as well and the reason behind his absence isn't known yet. Vince McMahon has turned WWE into a global media giant over the past few decades.

He has been instrumental in professional wrestling's crossover into the mainstream. RAW has been WWE's flagship show over the years, but SmackDown has taken over as the company's premier program with its move to FOX.