CM Punk reveals what was really written on his shoes

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CM Punk reveals what was really written on his shoes

The most sensational blow staged by AEW, was undoubtedly the one arrived in the second episode ever of Rampage, the second show born from the mind of the AEW management, which should soon become as important as Dynamite, the historical show of the Khan family that goes in aired weekly on TNT television screens.

In that episode, fans were fascinated by the return of CM Punk, the historic WWE world champion, who wanted to return to a pro-wrestling ring after 7 years from the last time he had done so, on the square of McMahon, though.

The news had been in the air for some time, but fans didn't believe it until they heard Living Color's hugely popular "Cult of Personality" echo in the Chicago arena where AEW Rampage was airing. If all this were not enough, soon another great name ex WWE could arrive, Daniel Bryan, who has been linked to AEW in recent months and apparently already next Sunday he could join the roster, surprisingly appearing at All Out, next ppv of the company.

CM Punk has a lot of tattoos on his body

Many AEW and WWE fans noticed that in the two appearances of CM Punk in front of the cameras of the company of the Khan family, the Second City Savior had letters written with a marker on the soles of his shoes, which many have associated with outgoing WWE athletes, such as the AC sign that could make you think of Adam Cole or the BW sign, which could instead lead to Bray Wyatt.

In his latest interview with the New York Post, Punk wanted to reveal what he thought was written on the shoes, but still leaving some doubt in the minds of fans, saying: "I stole them from LeBron James; a lot of basketball players write messages on their shoes or their stuff.

I wrote AC on my shoes and CF on the other foot. AC stands for Always Chicago and CF stands for Chicago Forever." In all this, CM Punk did not respond, however, to the writing BW, which many still consider to be dedicated to Bray Wyatt, but even this explanation is not very credible to fans, especially those who are hoping for the former WWE Fiend to debut in the rings of the second most important company in the world.

CM Punk has a lot of tattoos on his body. To be exact, CM Punk has a total of 52 tattoos. All these tattoos signify something or the other. Some tattoos are related to wrestling, while others are related to his Straight Edge lifestyle. Punk also has tattoos that offer a tribute to the WWE Legend - Harley Race.